Motivation to Write: Barstool Sports Creator David Portnoy on Reddit

Finding the motivation to write is always a problem that arises for all fans of the written word. Writer’s block, rejection, and everyday activities like responsibilities (paying bills, day jobs, brushing your teeth, etc.) can kill the thrill of creating something awesome as they sometimes have to take priority. As often as I write and dedicated I believe I have become, I too need to find the motivation at times.

One place I managed to find some great motivation to write was on Reddit. Of all places, a site I barely use, I found something from Bartstool Sports creator David Portnoy. The posting is from 2 years ago and includes lots of insults, inflammatory language, and derogatory words as is the style of Bartstool Sports. Among them was a question about Portnoy’s average day.

Not quite at the level of some of the online sports websites, Bartstool Sports has grown a lot in the last year. In part, it is because of Portnoy’s own dedication to writing.

David Portnoy Barstool

I thought I was writing a lot, but Jesus! Portnoy’s diligence through 13 hours a day writing, surely with a few breaks in between, not only gives me motivation but also delivers some really sweet feelings sliding down my throat and into the pit of my stomach. A life like this sounds like a really fun one.

After a long holiday break that included lots of writing, I’ve headed back to the grind of a day job while slipping in the writing time when I can. I have bills to pay, a day job to slave away at, and teeth to brush. A full day of writing will have to wait, for now.

With any luck, we’ll be able to put in a 13 hour work day writing about what we love.

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