Barry Bonds’ Records against Individual Pitchers

Asterisk or not, Barry Bonds is the holder of two of the most prestigious records in baseball: the single season home run record and the career home run record. He did this facing many pitchers throughout his career of all skillsets. These are the leaders in several different categories when facing off against Bonds.

Plate Appearances/At-Bats – Greg Maddux

Nobody had the pleasure of facing Bonds as many times as Greg Maddux did. This happened 157 times for a total of 132 official at-bats. Considering Bonds’ numbers, Maddux did pretty well. He held Bonds to a .265 batting average. Not all was perfect though as Bonds still took Maddux deep 9 times.

Hits – Greg Maddux

Once again Maddux is at the top against Bonds with the 35 hits he gave up against him. In fact, Maddux’s teammates Tom Glavine and John Smoltz are second and third in this category. Of the three Maddux may have given up the most hits, but he managed to hold Bonds to the lowest batting average.

Home Runs – Greg Maddux and John Smoltz

Finally Maddux has some company with his teammate, John Smoltz. Unfortunately it means Bonds hit plenty of home runs off of the Atlanta Braves in his career. Both Maddux and Smoltz gave up 9 home runs each against Bonds.

Runs Batted In – Curt Schilling

Pitching primarily for the Philadelphia Phillies and Arizona Diamondbacks when he faced Bonds, Curt Schilling is the man Bonds has more RBIs against than anyone else. In 100 plate appearances Bonds drove in 21 runs when facing Schilling.

Walks – John Smoltz

In addition to hitting more home runs than anyone else Bonds also drew the most walks. The man who gave Bonds the most free passes was Smoltz. Through the years, Smoltz issued 28 total walks to Bonds. However the record for most intentional walks belongs to Maddux who did it 9 times.

Strikeouts – Greg Maddux and John Smoltz

As often as they faced him it’s no wonder Maddux and Smoltz are tied for striking out Bonds more than anybody else. Each pitcher sent Bonds back to the dugout on strikes 16 times.

Grounded Into Double Plays – Greg Maddux and Danny Jackson

Once again Maddux is on the list however this time he is joined by someone new, Danny Jackson. The two men managed to get Bonds to ground into 3 double plays each, which is more than any other pitcher was able to do.

Hit By Pitch – Jake Peavy and Kerry Wood

A part of his image, Bonds had lots of armor on his arm which made it an easier to decision to lean over the plate whenever he came up to bat. Inevitably he was bound to get hit a few times. The two pitchers who hit Bonds more than anyone else were Jake Peavy and Kerry Wood. Each pitcher nailed Bonds with 3 pitches.

Photo Credit: By photo taken by flickr user randomduck (flickr) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

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